MLS EP 22 - Dragonborn

Mobile Legends Stories by Hectorius Alkaline

Hello everyone! Elven Tale here! Hope everybody is doing well during these tough times! Stay home and boost your immune system! ❤️
Anyways, I would just like to inform you that as much as we would like to release Episode 22 this month, we have to move it on a later date. All necessary equipment, such as condenser mics, are only available in our Alkimation Bootcamp and since going outside is prohibited due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown), the availability of some in our team, esp voice actors, has become a bit challenging.
We’ll post updates from time to time on all our social media accounts.
Again, stay safe everybody and let’s beat this virus together!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang
a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game.